Finding answers through Past Life Regression

My journey in the mystic world of past life regression started way back in the 90s. After I heard about a near death experience of a close friend, something changed inside me and I was driven on the path of exploration. I was intrigued by the question, “Is there life after death?” My search led me to a lot of books on this topic by various psychics. All the books were a good read but somehow I was not convinced. Being an engineer by profession, my mind would not accept anything without a strong reasoning.

The search continued. They say, as soon as you have the a query, the universe answers. I experienced this when the universe answered through teachers, books and various sources. One day, I stumbled upon Many Lives, Many Masters written by Dr. Brian Weiss. This book somehow appealed to me; more so because it came from a qualified doctor, who himself was a sceptic before he got all the revelations and it contained a real life story with validated facts and figures. This is how I was led to the science of past life regression. When I experienced it, I also found my purpose of life – becoming a healer. The journey has been beautiful, full of excitement and revelations.

Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT) is based on

  1. The Law of Reincarnation
  2. The Law of Karma
Past Life Regression Therapy answers a lot of questions about life

Past Life Regression Therapy answers a lot of questions about life

This therapy gives all the answers that one would have about life and life after life. It explains that whatever problems we have in our present life, in the present moment are due to our past – the decisions we took, the experiences we went through or the unresolved emotions attached to certain memories. The problem could be on a mental, physical or emotional level.

In PLRT, we go to the root cause of the issue troubling us in the present and resolve it there. This experience could have been in a past life or even the present life. By doing this, we loosens its grip over our present. The symptoms slowly disappear, making our present and future better.

The additional benefit of PLRT is that karmas associated with that particular incident also burn or get nullified. This leaves you feeling lighter and makes your life better.

Through my practice as a past life regression therapist I have found that it miraculously heals unexplained fears and phobias, common ones being claustrophobia and vertigo.

It is said that at the time of death i.e. when our soul leaves our body the emotions that are intense or predominant get attached to our soul. These emotions travel with our soul through various lifetimes. These intense emotions which have tremendous energy, if not resolved over time, start meddling in our day to day life and can drive us crazy. Many times, we are at a loss to understand why things are going wrong. This is where past life regression comes as a handy tool.