Have you ever consciously acknowledged the comfort of being home, sleeping on your own bed, sharing meals with your loved ones….? Well, honestly I seldom did till a few years back when I changed the course of my life. That’s when I started looking at everything in life with grateful eyes. But the workshop I did in August 2014 stirred something deep within me, pushing me, reminding me again, to look at life with eyes of gratitude….grateful even about the smallest things in life . We take everything for granted not realizing the value of those until we are deprived of it.


It was in the first week of July while I was preparing for a SKY Healing workshop scheduled in Delhi, I got a call from a the Commanding Officer (CO) of one of the units in Indian Army. He got my contact number through someone who had attended one of my motivational talks. He also came to know about   the SKY Healing technique, that I teach. The CO wanted me to do a workshop for the Jawans of his unit who were feeling de-motivated and also teach them SKY to help them handle their stresses. I was more than thrilled. It was a great honour to have been invited by Indian Army to conduct a workshop for them. I was extremely grateful for this opportunity universe had given me.

This workshop happened in August 2014. I was literally transported to a different world for 3 days. A world of discipline, sacrifice and patriotism but devoid of emotions….a world very different from what we live in. I addressed about 500 Jawans, taught them SKY and also did some personal counseling. During these sessions , I came across various heart touching stories, some of them literally brought tears in my eyes. I would like to share one of those stories here.


Mahesh (name changed) belongs to Andhra Pradesh. His village is almost 6 hours by train from Hyderabad. Mahesh got married few years back. Within a few months of marriage it was announced that his unit is being posted at the border. At the same time he got the news that his wife was expecting. Mahesh left his home with a heavy heart. But the training in the Army makes the Jawans really tough. Within no time he got engrossed in his job. After about nine months, he got the news that he had become a proud father of a baby boy. His happiness knew no bounds. He celebrated this news with the fellow Jawans. Mahesh was longing to cuddle his baby and play with him, but unfortunately his leave was not sanctioned. After about eighteen months of his posting there, one fine day, he got the news that his son had some heart problem and had to be hospitalized. As a special case, Mahesh was granted leave and so he set off for his village. He took 2 days for him to reach Hyderabad from where he needed to take a train to his village. Every passing minute seemed like a year. While he was waiting at Hyderabad railway station, Mahesh got the news that his son has passed away in the hospital. He was inconsolable. He could only reach his village in time for the funeral of his son.

“The first time I saw my son was on the funeral pyre, saabji” Mahesh started sobbing as he told me his story. I just could not hold my tears back. I was at loss of words to console him and just gave him a tight hug.

Friends, this is our Indian army. They happily give away the comfortable life and stay thousands of miles away from home, so that we can be at ease and safe. I dedicate this blog to each and every jawan of Indian Army and I salute them.

I would like to end this blog with a stanza from the famous song, that still gives goose-bumps to each Indian every single time one hears it.

“Aye mere vatan ke logon, jara aankh me bhar lo paani,

Jo shahid huye hain unaki, jara yaad karo kurbaani

Jab desh me thi diwali, woh khel rahe the holi,

Jab ham baithe the gharon me, woh jhel rahe the goli

The dhanya javaan woh aapane, thee dhanya woh unaki javaani,

Jo shahid huye hain unaki, jara yaad karo kurbaani…”


JAI HIND ….. !!!