Set to Rise

As a child I had the privilege of being raised in a small city, which has its own advantages. I remember crazily riding my bicycle to the top of the hill every evening to get the glimpse of the most incredible sight – the Sunset. I would park my bicycle under the tree and get soaked in the mesmerizing hues of yellows and oranges….. Soon the Sun would just disappear and I would go back… sad, tending my heart with hope for the next day, when the sun will rise again. I used to think, “why does the sun have to set at all if it has to rise again…?”
As I grew up I became more aware of the infallible ways of Nature. If the Sun doesn’t set, how will it rise…? And how will we experience the most marvelous phenomenon of the universe….?

It’s a beautiful law of Nature, “Set to Rise”. Most often, when we fail in life we get dejected, we lose hope, we start feeling that this is how life is. But let me tell you, that we are only experiencing the Sunset; and Sunrise is definitely going to follow. As per this law “Set to Rise”, if we fail in life, be assured that we will rise. Similarly, if we let our ego, fears, guilt, frustration “Set”… something more beautiful is surely going to “Rise” in their place… much more amazing, miraculous and wonderful.. which will take our life to a new dimension….