Does Stardom Come At A Price..?


Who wouldn’t love being recognised in public, showered with adoration and love wherever one goes? Isn’t it exciting just to think about revelling in the special attention a famous person receives: Being asked for selfies and groupies by fans? But if you ask the stars, you will know fame is not all about glitter and glam. Have you pondered about the pain that comes with it and how stars tackle the same?

You gain some, you lose some

While there is a plethora of perks that comes with being famous, hidden dark sides of it are aplenty. Rest assure, it is not cakewalk to reach ultimate success. Moreover, the stress of maintaining that success comes soon after tasting it. The incessant pressure to look good, give the best performances, use the right words and evade controversies has left the best of the bests with sleepless nights. Normalcy in a celeb’s life is often zilch. Even small pleasures of their lives become a well-planned event. Say, a walk to the neighbourhood grocery store or some time with family becomes difficult as per their convenience. All the special attention one received and loved initially loses its glaze soon and become monotonous.

Real relationships vs. acquaintances

An entourage, fans, and friends from the industry always surround a celeb, yet they feel alone. When it comes to having a real conversation or relationship, the closest a star has is his or her makeup and hair person, manager or the therapist. Imagine a life without the care and protection of your loved ones. And don’t forget the rumour mills that sometimes affect them as well as their family. Often a celeb has to become detached from the world or be thick-skinned. Having friends and family around is the best way to enjoy their job. After all, being famous is just a job and a hardworking person needs mandatory vacations and regular “me” times.

Goals and games galore

Fame, out of all the things is uncertain in life. Today one might be “in” and tomorrow, it may be another, younger and promising star. Competition is never-ending in any industry, especially entertainment and sports. When you achieve your goals, you set for more and more. And it is not always a fair game. Anticipate the worst, and one will be fine! One needs to enjoy the perks of being famous such as enough financial security to buy or do anything, and access to the best of things. However, everything may seem overwhelming, leaving the stars feeling depressed and suicidal. Many have been victims to it and substance abuse becomes their thing. Late Princess Diana was bulimic, dealing with depression and was suicidal. Actor-comedian Robin Williams was fighting depression and killed himself. Deepika Padukone confessed to being depressed, so did Kapil Sharma.

It’s never too late

As long as the star knows s/he is in trouble and needs help, it will be fine. Meditation, Yoga, SKY healing, and positive thinking and having well-wishers around are some ways to keep the mind calm. You will love fame and will hate it, but it is not everything. Many have lost their sanity and lives to it. One starts wondering how can it happen when fame brings everything one needs, right? Well, Jim Carrey has said, “I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything that they ever dreamed of, so that they can see that it’s not the answer.”