About me

The new-age motivational speaker

Santosh Joshi (based in Mumbai, India) is a motivational speaker, life coach, past life regression therapist and author of the book KEYS. He has also developed a powerful breathing technique called SKY Healing that is creating quite a wave in India.

Santosh holds a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering. He worked with Indian and international conglomerates for over 17 years before he realised his true calling. With the background of his experience in the corporate world, Santosh did a deep study of human behavioural patterns and responses to various emotional challenges and stresses. Santosh decided to dedicate his life to bring about positive changes and radical evolution in people as a mentor and counsellor.

Without even realising it, Santosh started his spiritual journey way back when he was a student. His interest in meditation and spiritual realms grew tremendously and his life transformed in multi-dimensions. He underwent several programmes and learnt more about life and our connection to the higher energies through intense meditation and healing sessions. During this time, he also learnt about his higher life purpose of spreading spiritual awareness in people, and decided to follow it with complete dedication.

Santosh holds workshops and talks on Past Life Regression, SKY, as well as self-help topics such as self discovery, finding the purpose of life, living life in the moment and utilizing one’s highest potential. His workshops reflect the HLP philosophy – Heal, Live, Plan – which has greatly benefited the participants. The experiences and the techniques used in the workshops have been put together in his book KEYS. The book has received an overwhelming response from readers.

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